Do Christians Have a Sense of Humor?

Hell yes we do.


But you wouldn’t assume that from the way we are portrayed in the media.  When someone is described as a Christian – or even worse – a Christian spokesperson, it always seems like they have a broom handle up their butt.  I mean really – they are always these solemn, serious people that look like they are heading to a funeral.


What would make me want to get to know that guy?  Or more importantly – make me want to check out the whole Christian thing? 


I understand.  So let’s get real – shall we?  Take my church for example.  If you haven’t been in a church in a while (or ever), things have changed.  I play electric guitar in the band – yes you heard me right.  We have a big time sound system, drums, keyboards, guitars, a full on audio visual system that allows us to play videos – and a decent lighting set-up.  And if you haven’t slid over on your radio dial to a Christian station in a while, you will find that along with some of the sleepy songs that even I don’t really like, there are plenty of flat out rockers.  And we often venture into secular music, playing songs by people like U2, Train, Sting, Tonic, Daughtry, and others.


Said another way – we have fun! People clap and sing along to the music.  Going to church isn’t a chore, or something people do out of obligation.  They look forward to the music, videos, and even the message.  Our pastor usually has us in stitches at some point telling a story about his childhood or something experienced with his family or friends.


Yea – but don’t you have to be a stick in the mud to be a Christian? I don’t want somebody looking down on my lifestyle and moralizing about what I do!


Okay – let’s talk about that.  When I created Lenny and Kate Clapton, the main characters in my books, I made their spiritual life an importance centerpiece, but I also wanted them to be “real” people.  You know, the way most of us are.


So Lenny enjoys his Talisker Scotch, and an occasional Rocky Patel cigar, while Kate enjoys her glass of wine, or some other similar libation.  And they engage in sunbathing by their pool – in the nude!


Now I should also point out that Lenny is a blues musician by trade, and in his earlier pre-Kate days he was a fully involved “drugs, sex, and rock ‘n rock” rock star.  But he discovered – and this is the key – that life was more fun and fulfilling when he had a committed relationship with Jesus Christ and a monogamous relationship with his beautiful wife.


This may come as a bit of a shock, but Alice Cooper (yes – that Alice Cooper) was in our church last week talking about his faith, and the fact that he had been a Christian for 25 years and married to his beautiful wife  Cheryl for 36 years!  How’s that for a role model?


Lenny (and me for that matter) let go with the occasional f bomb.  Most Christians I know don’t have an issue with language or R-rated movies.   I mean – come on – “The Hangover” is a very funny movie!  About the only thing that makes me wince a bit is when someone uses the Lord’s name in vain.  You won’t find that in my books.


Well- gee – you make it sound like Christians are pretty much like everyone else?


Exactly.  With one huge difference.  We know where we are going after we die, and we are surrounded by people who share our commitment to helping each other in any way possible and letting other people know that life can have hope and be a positive experience.  We truly care about each other and help each other through life’s trials and tribulations.


Now, having said that, I’m not suggesting that “anything goes”.  There is a basic moral code that we are all expected to honor.  You might have heard of them:  they’re called the Ten Commandments.  If you haven’t read them in a while, Google it.  I think that even if you are not currently a Christian I doubt whether you would find any of them objectionable.


Christians I know enjoy parties, concerts, sporting events, camping, a weekend in Vegas, an evening out to dinner and a movie, going to their kid’s soccer game, having buddies over for a football game, or the wives getting together for a night of Bunco.  Whatever that is.


Oh – and we like to have sex!  What – you thought I wouldn’t bring it up?  Or what – you thought we just do it once to have a kid?  Come on – really?  But, like Alice and Lenny will tell you, sex in a committed relationship is simply wonderful and more fulfilling.


So – give us a chance.  You might find that you actually like us.  And by the way – that Saturday Night Live sketch where Jesus came into the locker room to talk to Tim Tebow about all those miracle wins with the Denver Broncos.  Well – that’s funny right there.

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