Interview with Kerry Rose

An Interview with Kerry Rose

The Author of “Peñasco Blues


Q:  I’m excited to hear about the new book.  Tell me about it – what is Lenny up to now?

A:  Well, Lenny and Kate decide to move down to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.  Kate gets a job as the head chef in a large resort hotel called Peñasco Beach Resort.  Lenny and his band end up with a weekly gig in the same resort.

Q:  So similar to Scottsdale Blues in the sense that the couple both work at the same property.

A:  Exactly.  The difference is that Kate gets a promotion – she’s now the head chef.

Q:  I understand you know something about this town.  You have a home there?

A:  Yes – one of the reasons I picked Puerto Peñasco as the location for the next book in the series is because my wife and I have a home there.  We generally spend two weekends a month there and most holidays.  It’s a beautiful place, right on the Sea of Cortez.  Most Americans call it “Rocky Point”, which is the English translation of the town name.  It’s a 3 ½ to 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

Q:  So tell me about the story.  I assume Lenny gets sucked into another crime.  Correct?

A:  (laughs) absolutely.  Puerto Peñasco has a reputation as a spring break town.  So, in March, lots of college kids come down to party.  The book describes some of what goes on there during that time.  And, what happens is an ASU coed is beaten and raped.  The crime makes the news back in the States, and there is a call to boycott the town.

Q:  How much of the book is taken from real events?

A:  Well, Mexico has had a couple of really tough years.  When the economy tanked in the US a few years ago, it had a real impact on Puerto Peñasco.  The housing market, which had been driving a lot of development in town completely stopped.  And then all the drug cartel news made people afraid to go down there.  Some of those elements make it into the book, but it’s basically a story.

Q:  So how does Lenny get involved with the rape?

A:  The police arrest two young men, one the son of a local Pastor.  Lenny and Kate attend his Church, and are good friends with the Pastor and his wife.  I won’t reveal everything, but knowing the background of the son, that he would commit this crime is unthinkable.  So Lenny sets out to get the son freed, and ultimately solve the crime.

Q:  Interesting.  So, similar to Scottsdale Blues, there is a religious component to the book.

A:  Yes, Lenny and Kate are Christians.  While this is certainly not a “Christian book”, I think there is a spiritual tone to how Lenny and Kate look at the world.  When someone close to them is being wronged, there is a sense of duty to get involved.

Q:  Is Timbo back?  Timbo is the bass player in Lenny’s band.

A:  (laughs) you bet!  Timbo insists now that he and Lenny are crime solvers and that they need to work as a team.  Lenny is patient as ever, but Timbo still manages to constantly put his foot in his mouth.

Q:  Any other fun characters?

A:  Of course.  Some of you will remember Buddha, the Samoan bodyguard.  He’s back helping Lenny and Timbo.  Lenny’s next door neighbor Kevin also plays an important role.  Lenny’s nickname for him is “Naked Rambo”.

Q:  Naked Rambo?

A:  (laughs) you’ll have to read the book!  And – how could I forget – Paola a really attractive Mexican Private Investigator.

Q:  So, it sounds like the book maintains a funny undercurrent while dealing with a realistic crime.

A:  That’s a great way to describe it.  The crime is real, but since these guys aren’t real detectives, they kind of stumble to success.  I try to inject humor and a little sexual tension along the way.

Q:  So – this is a great book to read while sitting on the beach…

A:  With a cold margarita, looking out at the ocean.  Or – as Lenny would – with a glass of Talisker Scotch and a Rocky Patel cigar!

Q:  Well, it sounds like you had a lot of fun writing this book.

A:  I really did.  I feel like I know the characters now after two books, and I know how they would react to a situation.  I still need the story, but it was fun to revisit the key characters.  I really feel like I’m getting to know them.

Q:  What’s next?

A:  Lenny and Kate move to Las Vegas.  And we all know what kind of trouble we can all get into in Vegas!  So Vegas Blues is next.

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