Scottsdale Blues

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The tabloids were having a field day, calling it the “BL*WJOB MURDER”!

Jimmy Gohns lived the good life.  As Chairman of the Anasazi Resort Hotel and Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona, he ran the second largest Indian Casino in the country.  And he was embarking on a new mission – creating a separate Indian country – when he was murdered…in the back of his limo…while his mistress was…down on his lap.

In the mayhem that follows, Daniel Nauame, Operations Manager at the hotel, and nominally second in charge was arrested for the murder.  Convinced of his innocence, Michael Nauame, Daniel’s son, solicits the help of his boss Lenny Clapton.

Lenny was a successful ex-“hair band” guitarist, who had seen his life crash and burn, but is now happily performing most nights at the Anasazi with his band, “the Blues Revue”.  Michael was his drummer.

So, with his “Dude, what are you doing?” sidekick, bass player Timbo Jackson, Lenny stumbles into a world that involves blackmail, organized crime, payoffs, kidnapping, and underage gay sex.  Wow!  Who knew a guitar player’s life could be so dangerous!

Praise for Scottsdale Blues:

“Lenny loves his Talisker Scotch and our fabulous selection of Rocky Patel cigars…a great read!”  Vartan Seferian, Ambassador Fine Cigars, Scottsdale, AZ

“Coming from a musician’s background and the tattoo business, I found the character Lenny really cool and the tattoo loving Timbo very funny!  I loved the story!”

Sean Dowdell, Club Tattoo, Tempe, AZ


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