Peñasco Blues

Round Up The Usual Suspects!

Peñasco Blues

Allison Dodd was an attractive coed from Arizona State University who was excited to be spending her first college Spring Break at the beautiful seaside town of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Known also by its gringo name of “Rocky Point”, the town offered fluffy sand beaches, warm tropical weather, and a non-stop party fueled by cheap booze and an 18 year old drinking age. For years, it was a magnet location for West Coast spring breakers looking for fun and action.

But after a night of heavy drinking and being the “center of attention” at the Bonita Cantina, Allison is brutally raped and beaten. News of the savage crime made its way back to the States, and soon there were calls for a boycott of the tourist town. Desperate to solve the crime, the local authorities arrested two young local men, one the son of Jim White, a Church pastor.

Lenny Clapton was a successful Blues guitarist, and had recently located to the town where his band, “The Blues Revue” appeared at a large resort while his wife worked at the resort as the chef. A friend of Jim’s, he offers to help get his son exonerated for a crime he could not have done. Along the way he recruits a ragtag team to help: Paola, the voluptuous Mexican P.I., his next door neighbor – the gun nut Kevin aka Naked Rambo, Buddha – a 350 pound Samoan bodyguard, and the ever present “Dude – don’t leave me out!” bassist Timbo Jackson.

As they work to free his friend’s son and find the real rapist, the team descends into a world of corruption, drug cartels, gun battles, and payoffs.

Praise for Peñasco Blues:

“I was so proud to see that Lenny and Kate loved my roasted chicken!  I enjoyed the story and the positive message!  And it was funny too!

Martin Victorica, El Pollo Papago Restaurant

“It is so much fun to see all the real places in town that get featured in the book!  A great story and Timbo keeps me laughing!  Perfect for reading on the beach with a cool drink!”

Rosie Glover, radio host of “Rocky Point Ramblings”


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