Vegas Blues

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas!

It all started out so good.  After a 10 year break the legendary hard rock band White Horse was re- grouping and settling in for a 6 month gig at the sparkling new Speakeasy Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


For lead guitarist Lenny Clapton, it was a chance to play with his old band on weekends, continue to gig during the week with his new band, the Blues Revue, and still spend time with his gorgeous wife, Kate, a chef at the resort.  It was a win-win-win.


But when lead singer Denny Sweaton was discovered bludgeoned to death in the bed of Lenny’s old friend, Kike Osbourne, once again Lenny felt the pull to help a friend wrongly accused.


With his sidekick, bass player Timbo Jackson in tow, Lenny searches for the truth.  As he digs through the events leading o Denny’s death, one thing became clear.  For the first time, helping a friend could literally mean life or death – for him.

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