ALL Our Leaders in Washington are Chuckleheads!

Where shall I start…?

Chucklehead #1 President Barack Obama – With all due respect Mr. President, there are two critical issues in this country:  Job growth and our incredible National debt.  And yet, you are back in Hawaii all smug that you snookered the Republicans into accepting tax increases on the top 1% of income earners.  Pleeeze!  This fiscal cliff “so called” solution solved absolutely nothing.  If you want to grow tax collections, do something that will EXPAND the economy.  Get more people working, and they will join the rest of us in paying taxes.  The current “recovery” isn’t adding enough jobs to cover all the new people trying to join the work force.

The National Debt is now 16 TRILLION dollars.  That’s too big a number for the average person to even wrap their brain around.  And you’ve added 4 trillion on your watch (so far).  Enough with the belly aching about the bad deal you were handed.  How about showing some real LEADERSHIP?   You seem hell bent to move us to a Western Europe style quasi-socialist system.  Why?  What about their economy can we possibly want to emulate?  High unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, declining GDP, unsustainable social services.  What more proof do you need that this is not the answer?

Chucklehead #2 House Speaker John Boehner – great job on the fiscal cliff!  You managed to move the Democrats from raising taxes on people “only” making $450,000 instead of $250,000.  Big Whoop!  With the limiting of deductions on everyone making over $300,000, the President laughed all the way back to Hawaii.  He got you again!

You talk about limiting entitlements – but where is the specific plan?  Oops – the devil’s in the details – right?  You might piss off some of your buddies.  Meanwhile you let the fiscal cliff bill include $50 billion in new stimulus spending, including a list of wonderful new things like electric scooters, yet more green energy subsidies, research studies on desert insects, and new leather chairs in the Congressional dining room.  Oh – and new tax breaks for NASCAR track owners and Puerto Rican rum manufacturers.  Really?  There is so much of the usual pork included – the smell of bacon smothers the entire country.  But – hey – that’s how we ride – right?

Chucklehead #3 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – When demanding passage of Obamacare, she announced “We need to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it”.  Thanks Nancy, you’re an easy one.

Chucklehead #4 – House of Representatives – this group is so dysfunctional, they make a prison riot seem like a kindergarten playground.  On the one side we have Tea Party Republicans who hate everything:  No new taxes, don’t spend money on anything, there should be a 50 caliber machine gun in every garage, and let’s build a 50 foot wall on our southern border to keep the brown skinned hordes out (you Canadians can come it from the north – that’s okay).  On the other side we have the radical wack-job Democrats who think food stamps are a great way to stimulate the economy, and who want everyone to have a free house, free food, free transportation, free childcare, free healthcare, free internet, free cell phone, and free love (okay – contraceptives).  They could care less if we take ALL the money that the top 10% of wage earners – those rich bastards need to “spread it around”.  And – of course – they are in the right because they are the “compassionate” party that really cares about people, unlike the evil Republicans.  The fact that the credit card is maxed is no problem – just go get another one!  And we wonder why 47% of the country just wants to keep getting their free shit?

Chucklehead #5  and #6 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid & Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – these guys are like a tag team from a losing WWF match.  No matter who they send in, the guy just gets beat up and he staggers back to the corner in a daze.  Showing where he stood prior to the election, Harry made this wonderful observation of what would happen if the Republicans won the election:  “They are going to assemble 17 angry old white men for breakfast.  Some will slobber in their food; some will have scrambled eggs, some oatmeal.  All will be without their teeth.  But these 17 angry old white men will say they just bought America.  Wasn’t too bad.  We still have a lot of money left”.  Gee Harry – aren’t you kind of an angry old white man?

Mitch announced early in 2012 that “his number one task in 2012 is to make sure that Barack Obama is a one term president”.  Really Mitch – that was what you were sent to the Senate for?

Harry continues to be all proud of himself:  “We found ourselves in a hole that I didn’t dig, but I have dug, dug, dug to try to get out of it”.  And how about this gem regarding bringing Gitmo detainees to the US:  “You can’t put them in prison unless you release them”.  Huh?

Meanwhile, Mitch recently introduced a bill, and promptly led a filibuster to block the bill he introduced.  And, as far as reaching across the aisle, here are a couple of his gems:  “For 4 years Barack Obama has been running from the nation’s problems.  Instead, he’s been working to get a spot on the PGA tour”.  And how about this:  “If the administration wants cooperation, they have to move over to us.”  Gee Mitch, I don’t know – where’s the love?

And remember folks – these guys are the leaders of the Senate!

Chucklehead #7 United States Senate – For four years in a row, the Senate has not passed a budget, despite a legal requirement that they do so.  Rules?  We don’t need any stinking ruleswe’re the frigging U.S. Senate!  Time and again, Senators get up and beat their chest about the need for major “tax reform”.  But after they get off camera, they get a smirk on their faces and everyone just high fives and heads to the bar with one of the lobbyists for a cocktail.  Tax reform will never happen for one simple reason:  Companies pay lobbyists to squeeze tax subsidies for the particular industry they represent, and political campaigns are financed by all the corporations and special interests looking for some kind of tax advantage.  Why else do we have a 16,000 page tax code?

And finally…

Chucklehead #8 Al “Massage me here!” Gore – Al made a fortune as a self-styled environmental guru and carbon tax spokesman.  But right after the New Year, he sold a crummy TV network that nobody watched and netted a cool $100 million.  The buyer?  Al Jazeera TV, famous for broadcasting Bin Laden videos, and owned by the Qatar government which makes all its money from selling the most evil product on the planet… oil.  Way to go Al!  You just proved what I’m trying to say about all you chuckleheads.  Everybody has principals until there is money involved, and then the money always wins.  Right Al?

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