The Ten Best Guitarists That I Have Ever Seen LIVE!

  Okay, I understand that everyone has an opinion of the best guitarists ever. And there have been a lot of incredible players. But I decided I wanted to focus … Continue Reading →


I Played My Guitar with B.B. King

I got a call from someone at his management company to meet him at Sun Studios in Memphis.  I parked the rental car about a block away, and carried my … Continue Reading →

stooges 5

ALL Our Leaders in Washington are Chuckleheads!

Where shall I start…? Chucklehead #1 President Barack Obama – With all due respect Mr. President, there are two critical issues in this country:  Job growth and our incredible National … Continue Reading →

Grandpa Leonard

Life Lessons from an Amazing Dad

Leonard Rose died on October 22, 2012. He was my Dad. He wasn’t famous. He didn’t invent anything, or do something that will cause him to be remembered in the … Continue Reading →


Do Christians Have a Sense of Humor?

Hell yes we do.   But you wouldn’t assume that from the way we are portrayed in the media.  When someone is described as a Christian – or even worse … Continue Reading →

Interview with Kerry Rose

An Interview with Kerry Rose The Author of “Peñasco Blues”   Q:  I’m excited to hear about the new book.  Tell me about it – what is Lenny up to … Continue Reading →